Over the last decade, recognition of the need for high quality childcare has grown exponentially for all pre-school children, but particularly for low- and moderate-income children. The increase in the number of working parents, the changes in welfare legislation from a purely support to a welfare-to-work philosophy, as well as new Federal and State education requirements for students of all ages, have underscored the importance of safe, caring, affordable environments in which young children can receive quality care and preparation to begin school ready to learn. Increasing numbers of early care and education providers are requesting information and financing assistance to be able to participate in these expansion opportunities.


Members of the National Children’s Facilities Network are located across the country and may be able to provide assistance in:

  • Financing for real estate development

  • Technical assistance in business planning, real estate development, application for financing

Contact a local or national representative for assistance or referral information.

California Child Care Coordinating Council of San Mateo County Contact: Mindy Karo
Phone: (650) 655-50703
California Local Investment in Child Care (LINCC) Contact: Angie Garling
Phone: (510) 290-4127
Colorado Colorado Enterprise Fund Contact: Ceyl Prinster
Phone: (303) 860-0242
Connecticut, New Jersey, & New York Leviticus 25:23 Alternative Fund, Inc. Contact: David Raynor
Phone: (914) 606-9003
Delaware, New Jersey, & New York The Reinvestment Fund Contact: Sara Vernon Sterman
Phone: (215) 574-5852
Florida Florida Community Loan Fund Contact: Ignacio Esteban
Phone: (407) 246-0846
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, & Wisconsin IFF Contact: Trinita Logue
Phone: (312) 596-5100
Maine Coastal Enterprises, Inc. Contact: Suzanne Umland
Phone: (207) 882-7552
Massachusetts Children's Investment Fund Contact: Mav Pardee
Phone: (617) 727-5944
Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, & Texas First Children's Finance Contact: Jerry Cutts
Phone: (612) 338-3023
New Hampshire New Hampshire Community Loan Fund Contact: Julie McConnell
Phone: (603) 224-6669
New Jersey  New Jersey Community Capital Contact: Leah Apgar
Phone: (609) 989-7766 x 302
Ohio Finance Fund Contact: James R. Klein
Phone: (614) 221-1114 x 13
Pennsylvania Women's Community Revitalization Project Contact: Nora Lichtash
Phone: (215) 627-5550 x 217
Vermont Vermont Community Loan Fund Contact: Hope Campbell
Phone: (802) 223-1448
Washington D.C. Washington Area Community Investment Fund Contact: Donna Grigsby
Phone: (202) 529-5505
National Center for Community Self-Help Contact: Karen O'Mansky
Phone: (919) 956-4470
National Insight Center for Community Economic Development Contact: Elizabeth Winograd
Phone: (510) 251-2600
National Local Initiatives Support Corporation Contact: Amy Gillman
Phone: (212) 455-9840
National Low Income Investment Fund Contact: Ed Condon
Phone: (415) 772-9094
National Nonprofit Finance Fund Contact: Gina Koo
Phone: (215) 546-9426 x 103
National Opportunity Finance Network Contact: Dafina Williams
Phone: (215) 320-4318
National Sussman Associates Contact: Carl Sussman
Phone: (617) 527-6788

If you can't find a source in your state, try Opportunity Finance Network.



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